The Culture

re·born /rēˈbôrn/
- brought back to life or activity.
- having experienced a complete spiritual change.

Here, Renaître translates to both reborn and the culture that entails. A culture to embrace an active lifestyle as never before.

It describes resilience; it chases goals; it is a passion.
Renaître encourages you to move and sweat, to build immunity, detoxify your body inside out, and which will impact your brain with positivity. With these, Renaître invites you to express yourself.

Renaître supports your freedom of expression by sweating.
We embrace everyone who embodies the meaning of an active lifestyle differently. You may be a yogi, morning jogger, functional trainer, to even athletes, Renaître supports everyone with the same vision to be healthy, and ultimately, to express and manifest. 

Renaître is here to support your commitment for a reborn to an active lifestyle; to be renaître.
The Renaître Tribe is open for anyone who believes in themselves! 

Different Animals, Same Beast

Be adaptable to environments wherever you are - whatever animal you are.

Be the same beast who strives to be the best, leads the community, and drives the renaître culture by example.

Renaître's History

To be renaître, to be reborn with an inspiring mission to overcome doubt, hesitation, low self-esteem and other self-imposed negative barriers.

Renaître supports a healthy lifestyle and translates it to freedom of expression.

Didier Uyisenga built Renaître to share his vision of an active lifestyle, his learnings and his quest to be a strong, confident, and competitive individual.

Uyisenga was gravitated to a renaître moment as he was teased as a teenager for being overweight and fascination towards a girl. He was determined to achieve his goal, then began working out relentlessly, day and night. Unexpectedly, he had fallen in love with the active lifestyle more than he did on his initial reason.

He used his obstacles as challenges, and he knew what others might have felt should they be in his shoes, leading him to start a movement to sweat. It is a notion to encourage many to start exercising - in any form, to be healthy and preserve an active lifestyle.

Uyisenga believes that sweating in a workout is a freedom of expression, as it motivates him to exercise more. This leads him to build Renaître, as an inspiration to everyone who needs a little push to start working out and express themselves through it.

It is a calling to maintain an active lifestyle, and to be reborn as a completely changed, positive individual.