Beginner's Fitness Tips from Renaître's Founder

How does a beginner start a sustainable fitness routine? Check out some fitness tips for beginners from Renaître's founder.

You probably have a target weight and a deadline by now, and you are ready to get hard and dirty for the new you! Yet, you are still not sure on how you can maximise your workout, and where to focus. You need a few words of advice and encouragement, but most of the time, what you find is just way too advanced for you.

What if we started with something simple? Didier Uyisenga, as Renaître’s founder and a fitness trainer, has all the things you need in the book to begin.  

The first advice is to inject discipline and commitment into your new diet routine - the two most fundamental mentalities he builds Renaître on. In your diet, the two things will motivate you to maximize your workout and fitness, and keep you in track to achieve your target!

For beginners who want to lose weight, Uyisenga’s advice is to first, focus on cardio. He recommends hill sprint, with a repetition of five times at least, and increases it gradually.

“Put 90% of your effort while walking up, once you reach the top, start to walk down. Repeat at least five times to get maximised results and stronger legs, because hill sprint works your hamstrings a lot.”

Other than that, Uyisenga also recommends HIIT Cardio for beginners. HIIT Cardio is a combination of brief and high-intensity workout based on your level. 

“Burpees, for instance, start with 10 burpees in every minute, rest for the remaining time of that minute, and continue when the minute ends. In other words, after finishing 10 burpees in 30 seconds, rest for another 30 seconds for the next burpees.”

He advises to stick on this schedule first, only to branch out to other types of workout. This is because these cardio movements are the simplest and easiest to follow without mistakes for beginners. Uyisenga also advises to consistently repeat this workout everyday. 

When it comes to food, Uyisenga does not advise to go hardcore at once in the beginning of your workout. 

“Take it easy in the beginning, being too hard on yourself will only make you bounce back to your old self, and everything will go wasteful.”

Didier Uyisenga in Renaître's BEAST MODE

In other words, instead of cutting off a slice of cake entirely from your diet, try having a quarter of that cake to improve your nutrition. He also said to reduce the consumption of fried and junk food, as well as sugar, including soft drinks and candies. If you need the sugar consumption, he advises to resort to fruits. 

“The more often you do it, the more your body will adjust to your new eating pattern. I guarantee, though, the first four weeks will be hard, but post those four weeks, you will see results.”

What he will say next is the most essential above all else, and he assures that you will not get your result without this, yet will struggle instead. 

“Start hanging out with like-minded people, and start to be intentional about your surroundings. No, you don’t cut off your family or friends, but maximise your time in positive reinforcements and start saying no to unhealthy habits, like a drinking night out.”

He then continues, “It is okay to say no, and the inspiration from you to your loved ones will be visible from your rejections to unhealthy habits.”


Didier Uyisenga and associate donning Renaître's BEAST MODE and Tank

This is a part of emphasising self-discipline and committing to your diet routine, where you select to socialise with like-minded people to reach your goals.

Because eventually, he said, this mentality is the only thing to support you to reach your maximum fitness potential.

Uyisenga continues, as he wraps up his advice, “When your body starts to change, it is incredible.”


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Feature image credit: Chase Kinney via Unsplash

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